Jason Cullum on CMS modernization, legacy code, and meeting the needs of the user community.

Cernering the Market

By Mike Farahbakshian In this month’s article, Mike Farahbakhshian lets his OCD get the best of him, and explores all the overlooked effects and loose ends of

Myth Busters: Pulling Back the Curtain on GovCon M&A

By Marc Marlin, Managing Director, KippsDeSanto Editor's Note: Over the next five days, this senior executive with KippsDeSanto, an investment bank who has closed a majority

Harnessing Cognitive Automation in Healthcare

By Thomas M. Dowd, Kirke E. Everson and Jeffrey C. Steinhoff Information technology transformed everyday life in ways unimaginable just 30 years ago. But it has

An Immodest Proposal

By Mike Farahbakhshian Editor’s Note: In this month’s article, Mike Farahbakhshian lets his position as a thought leader in the Health IT community go to his

Improving Electronic Health Record Functionality: What Clinicians Want

By Cliff Freeman “I’m a doctor, not a computer!” Trekkies (or Trekkers if you prefer) will recognize this quote from Dr. “Bones” McCoy’s future replacement, the


Anticipating Award, Time Solutions seeks CIO-SP3 SB Program Manager

CMS SPARC And CIO-SP3 Prime, Apprio Seeks VP Of Corporate Growth

Gartner seeks Managing Partner to lead Federal Health Consulting

CACI Seeks Senior Growth Executive to Focus on VA/DHA Growth