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  • Article Length: min of 300 words, max 1000 (typical article length is 500-700)
  • Required Format: MSWord, single spaced, in Arial 10
  • Quotes: Callout quotes should be 12-15 word key phrases
  • Markups: Note any special markups in the word doc
  • Style/Branding/Colors: Please include the hex code for any specific colors to match your style guide. For example, the G2X TAKE red is #b22222.
  • Pictures/Images/Graphics/Infographics: Include graphics in jpg or gif web resolution as a separate file. We recommend you include a placeholder in the word doc to show where an image should go. Do not imbed images within the word document.
  • Company profile: Last paragraph should be a brief (3-4 sentences) profile of the company, as it relates to Federal Health IT. Can include a link to the company website within this article.
  • Author credit and bio: Please note author’s name, job title (optional), and contact info if desired. May also include 2-3 sentences of the author’s background.
  • Author headshot: Include a headshot for use with author’s bio. Headshot must be web resolution in a jpg or gif format. Please note that images may be cropped slightly.
  • Featured Articles: Featured articles need a feature image – must be 800pixels wide by 445pixels high in jpg or gif format.

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