December 8, 2015, Compiled by April Doster, G2Xchange Health

The G2Xchange Health Team sends out periodic surveys to our members. These brief, anonymous surveys give insight into our community’s thoughts on a variety of topics. One of our most recent surveys asked members the following question:

Which Federal Health Agency is the most competitive environment for Federal Health IT contractors?

Included below are the answers provided by our members, with quotes from fellow members of the Fed Health IT community.

pie chart 2

FDA averages 6-8 bids per task”

VA – due to the difficulty of reaching decision makers and limited contract vehicles used”

“To win at NIH, you must have scientific expertise, which narrows the field.”

CMS has a ‘circle of trust’ that includes only those they’ve already done business with. They prefer to keep work within the circle of trust!”

VA is the most competitive, because of T4 and the competition around all the task orders which are competed separately.”

CMS has only gotten more competitive as the 8(a)s compete for full and open opportunities”



Thank you to all our members who participated in the survey. We appreciate your support.

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