Opportunity is just around the corner in the form of the much awaited CIOSP3 Small Business On Ramp!  We’re going to delve into this exciting development very soon, but meanwhile we just don’t think it is fair to make you wait to open your presents in 2016.  We’re softies so this is some great content developed by Brian Lindholm of FedSavvy Strategies.

CIO-SP3 is opening up!  Why do you care?

Conservative estimates have at least a third of the 94 incumbents to not be a small business already.

We can expect more to cross over into the large business category (NAICS 541512 has a $27.5M size standard) in 2016.

CIO-SP3 has a robust customer base

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Who is the customer you’re likely to reach with CIO-SP3?  If any aspect of the past is prologue, consider the customers by real spending (a.k.a. obligations) over the current incarnation of CIO-SP3.

This is an incredibly broad array of customers to consider.  Many of these customers have what are arguably the same contract as CIO-SP3, but for a number of reasons they turned to CIO-SP3.  The NITAAC has a reputation for good services and low fees.  This makes for a pretty compelling reason to use CIO-SP3.  That and the competition afforded via CIO-SP3 gives U.S. Government customers some great options.

The known specific opportunities that open up to small businesses are incredible

Where there is chaos and turnover, we have opportunity.  If we know that some small businesses are no longer small businesses and legacy opportunities are small business set-asides, it leaves re-compete work more exposed than normal.  FedSavvy Strategies has worked to figure the CIO-SP3 task orders out and here are a few of the opportunities currently under some form of set-aside held by businesses that are or will no longer qualify to win as a small business prime.

The entire CIO-SP3 breakdown will be featured in the Winter Issue of FedHealthIT Magazine.


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