Challenge Submission Details

FedHealthIT 2016 Challenge

The short white paper briefs and signed Participant Agreements must be received via e-mail,  no later than March 11, 2016 at 2 pm EST to be considered for participation in the Challenge.

 White Paper Sections

Applicants are required to submit a white paper describing their innovation.  The white paper must be no more than 5 pages in length and include the following sections:

 Introduction and Overview 

Provide your company/team name/university name and primary point of contact information to include e-mail and phone number.


Select the Challenge Topic Category that best fits your innovation.


Team Overview

Short overview of the history of the company, team, university, or individual that is featuring this innovation and why you are passionate about providing this innovative solution.

Technical Approach 

Provide a brief description of your technical approach.

System Description and/or Operational Requirements 

The secure sandbox environment will be provided to participants and include either Windows Server 2012 Standard or CentOS 7.x LAMP Install Operating systems.  Please indicate your preferred server platform.

Highlight Impact

Provide examples and/or scenarios on “Who, What, Where, How, Why”  this solution/innovation will have an impact for the Federal Health IT marketplace.

Cost Estimate

At a high level provide a rough cost estimate to develop your solution, including recurring cost and maintenance.  Provide a basis and explanation for these estimates.  Examples might include hardware, software, hosting costs, etc.