The G2Xchange Health Team reached out to top industry influencers and asked them to share their advice for growing your business in 2016.

Fine-tune your business model…
Fine-tune your business model. Doing more of what you did in 2015 may help with short-term revenues, but it may not be the answer to long-term business growth. If you are in management consulting and have not yet read Bloomberg’s post, read it now – it applies to large businesses and small businesses alike – and give some thought to what new patterns of thinking and engaging with the industry and government you need to adopt to break away from the pack.”
– Simona Lovin, Principal, Andwyrde LLC

Companies that want to be successful in this market will need to focus on solving something rather than selling something.
In an environment of budget cuts, transition and leadership changes the government is in search of business partners rather than vendors. Companies that want to be successful in this market will need to focus on solving something rather than selling something. It will be important to show how your product or services brings value, saves money and improves efficiencies. There is not an appetite for shiny objects or replacing one technology for another with no value proposition. Knowing the customer, understanding the issues that they are facing, bringing solutions and being able to relate to their world will become the key elements to success.
– Joe Grace, Principal, Grace and Associates, LLC

For FY 2016 and beyond I believe we will see even more requirements for agencies to utilize existing GWACs, IDIQs, and GSA Schedules. The latest move of DHS signing the MOU to use OASIS instead of competing TABSS their internal vehicle will have a tremendous impact on several small business firms graduating to mid-tier…and not holding OASIS as a prime. We will see more of these actions and a stronger role for GSA, NIH, and NASA in supporting services, products, and solutions. With this in mind, it is more critical than ever for small business to take advantage of the myriad of Ramp On, On Ramp, Open Season, and Rolling Admission opportunities over the next quarter where socio-economic firms are targeted to respond. In fact, I see the timing as a gift to the small business community and has the potential to greatly impact 2016 and 2017 revenues if award schedules are met. Realizing this will require a strong commitment and investment in resources and budgets for those firms qualified to pursue these timely opportunities, it will be a game changing environment likely requiring professional proposal and capture resources. Now is the time to talk with firms who offer these services and have a proven track record in getting clients onto these vehicles. The time has never been better for those who are able to make the commitment.
– Cindy Brockwell, Principal, BizConnex

Listen first and then develop your strategy…
“Going into 2016, my advice is simply to focus on creating messages tailored for the audience you’re trying to impact. Having implemented growth strategies for companies for more than 15 years, I have come to appreciate that there are federal program managers on the receiving end of proposals representing many demographics, backgrounds and experiences. Some companies develop solution-oriented messages with broad brushstrokes, but not every agency customer and program is the same. I think the better approach–and difference between a win or loss–is listen first and then develop your strategy and messages based on your understanding of their point of reference.”
– Sara Luster, Principal, Black Branch Consulting

The 18F Agile GSA BPA held such promise when awards were announced in August and yet shortly thereafter a stay in performance was announced pending resolution of protests. Unfortunately, that quelled any momentum around this new innovative approach to procuring application development services from industry. 18F, in a November 18th blog, announced that they were looking at other marketplaces to target this approach including capabilities and verticals, including Health IT. In 2016, those targeting Federal Health IT should watch developments on the 18F Agile GSA BPA and market to 18F as they continue towards potentially addressing the Health IT marketplace with their unique contract approach.
– Eric Klos, HealthTechture, Business Consulting for Health IT Firms


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