CMS posts opening – seeks Chief Data Officer

As the Director, Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics/CMS Chief Data Officer, you will provide leadership and executive direction for the development, management, use, and dissemination of data and information resources as a CMS core function. You will lead the office in coordinating the agency’s data policies and requirements to ensure their efficient and strategic alignment and oversee all phases of the work in improving access to and use of CMS data and information resources. OEDA serves as the single point of accountability and coordination across the agency to ensure consistent implementation of policies related to data release and dissemination, and maximizing CMS data for internal and external users. Your responsibilities will include oversight of the development and continuous updating of the suite of CMS data and information products. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Directs and coordinates the establishment of policies and procedures regarding the use and release of CMS data, promoting maximum access to data for internal and external users while maintaining beneficiary privacy and security.
  • Directs timely research and analysis on Medicare, Medicaid and Marketplace related program data to identify… Read More.

G2X TAKE: Less than a year after the first CMS Chief Data Officer stepped down and a couple of months after the most recent CDO announced her retirement, CMS is on the hunt for a permanent replacement to help lead the Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics. Expect savvier firms to be working hard to influence who might apply for this SES level role.

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