“The Veterans Affairs Department continues to have significant security weaknesses, including previously flagged flaws that have yet to be fixed, according to the results of its annual IT security assessment.”

“VA continues to face significant challenges in complying with the requirements of FISMA due to the nature and maturity of its information security program…”

“The report offers 29 separate recommendations for improving the department’s cybersecurity, though the thrust boils down to three “specific actions”: Address security-related issues reported in previous audits; improve deployment of security patches, system upgrades and system configurations…”

“The auditors broke their findings into eight areas of concern for VA to address: Agencywide security management program: The department has an Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy Team working on 31 plans of action to close specific weaknesses…” Read the full article here.

Source: Audit: Veterans Affairs IT Security Officials Have A Lot Of Work To Do – By Aaron Boyd, April 13, 2018. Nextgov.

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