APNews: Trump’s overhaul of vets’ care is no quick fix

“President Donald Trump is setting up veterans for likely disappointment as he tells them they have freedom to get quick medical care from private doctors when they’re unhappy with government-run health care.”

“He is casting a bill that he signed into law Wednesday as an immediate cure-all to long wait times for medical treatment. But he glosses over the fact that the private-sector program often takes longer to provide care…”

“A look at his claims at the bill signing…”

“It was almost impossible to do. It took years to do. We’ll do it immediately now. We’re set up.”

“No, it’s not set up. The VA last month signed a $10 billion contract with Cerner Corp., the same company that is overhauling the Pentagon’s electronic health records. But a full rollout…” Read the full article here.

Source: Trump’s overhaul of vets’ care is no quick fix – By Hope Yen, June 12, 2018. Associated Press.

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