NIH: Top-of-the-Line Supercomputer Turbocharges NIH Research

“Access to robust computing resources provides a critical foundation for advancing the wide variety of biomedical research taking place within the NIH’s Intramural Research Program (IRP). Whether performing molecular modeling simulations, generating whole-genome sequencing data, deducing the structures of biomolecules, or advancing drug discovery efforts, our ability to analyze large-scale biological and biomedical data strongly depends on our ability to employ computationally intensive approaches that produce interpretable results and advance translational efforts aimed at improving human health…”

“Biowulf, our HPC resource, now has the distinction of being the first supercomputer completely dedicated to biomedical research to be listed among the Top 100 most powerful computers in the world, coming in at number 66 in the most recent rankings released this past November. Rather than just keeping pace, the IRP now finds itself among the world’s leaders in the biomedical computing space, providing its investigators with a world-class HPC environment for advancing biomedical science.”

“To give you a sense of how far we’ve come since the expansion began, here are some top-level statistics regarding our HPC capabilities…” Read the full post here.

Source: Top-of-the-Line Supercomputer Turbocharges NIH Research – June 13, 2018. NIH.

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