Opinion: Challenges to VA Mission Act coming from the White House?

“Last Wednesday, Donald Trump gathered lawmakers, veterans’ advocates, and journalists in the White House Rose Garden to bask in an elusive political victory with the signing of the VA Mission Act…”

“Yet, behind Trump’s pledged commitment to those who have served is a White House working to undermine care for veterans. Lawmakers and veterans advocates accustomed to more constructive policymaking have been caught on their heels by a series of frenzied Trumpian maneuvers…”

“Hours after the bill was signed, the White House announced it would ignore some of the law’s oversight statutes, including one that granted congressional input over future pilot programs with private partners. The White House also nixed a statute requiring input…” Read the full article here.

Source: Trump Is Sabotaging a Veterans’ Health Care Law He Just Signed – By Suzanne Gordon and Jasper Craven, June 13, 2018. Washington Monthly.

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