VA issues RFI for Pulse 2020

VA has issued an RFI related to the next phase of VA Pulse, a technological solution connecting the VHA community in a business social network that strengthens relationships, improves access to information, and delivers tailored solutions to practitioners that integrate seamlessly into their workflow.

The first phase of the project involved basic research consisting of a feasibility determination, followed by a landscape analysis to identify technical solutions to satisfy the requirement.

The second phase of the project involved the Development/Modernization/Enhancements (DME) Phase which upgraded the Jive platform to 9x which enhanced privacy and security, protection of government data; modernize and enhance user experience and interaction for this platform…

The final phase will be (projected FY 2019) to obtain an Authority To Operate (ATO) and implementing QRC in production.

To achieve this goal, VHA OSI | VERC seeks to procure a solution with all the features and functionality of the current VA Pulse while recognizing areas for growth to continuously improve functionality and user experience.

Responses are due by June 18, 2018.

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