VA issues sources sought for Enterprise Endpoint Security Solution

VA has issued a sources sought exploring the possibility of migrating from its current EAV HIPS environment to a FedRamp moderate, cloud hosted environment which would provide layered protection with intelligent, collaborative endpoint defenses, intrusion prevention and firewall for desktops and laptops, device control, encryption, secure confidential data on all devices, removable media, and cloud storage with secure file sharing.

“The potential Enterprise Endpoint Security Solution would include pre-execution containment to isolate ransomware and advanced threats before they infect the system, machine-learning, behavior classification to discover zero-day malware and improve detection; actionable threat forensics to better understand and rapidly act against advanced threats.”

The VA is looking to have a single-pane console that shows all systems in a single presentation. This single console must also be able to manage all clients, policies, and updates.

“The current McAfee East and West coast VA model includes Hardware that is hosted on premise. The Contractor provided O&M support shall include maintaining the current environment, including licensing for all endpoints, while transitioning VA to the new cloud hosted, managed service model. This shall include, HIPS Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, ePO Deep Command, McAfee Application Control, HIPS for Servers, Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE) for Storage, Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE), and Security for SharePoint support to include any other McAfee suite offerings.”

Responses are due by June 22, 2018.

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