CMS Blog: CMS Doubling Down on Health IT; Patients

“… We believe at CMS that a major cause for the cost inefficiency of healthcare is attributable to a failure in the past to make the system about the patient and for the patient. It is the system that has become the centerpiece of policy debates, and it is the system that has become more about sustaining itself than serving patients. If the patient truly is what our healthcare system seeks to serve, then the patient must be the focal point of all policies and private industry decision-making…”

“CMS is committed to leveraging innovation to truly empower patients with their own data, decisions, and care. Evidence of this commitment can be found in a government-wide initiative launched by CMS and the White House Office of Innovation in March called MyHealthEData— designed to achieve true patient control and interoperability of their health records, and to enable patients to share their data with technology innovators and researchers to accelerate public health. See our new video for a simple explanation of MyHealthEData…”

“To achieve these goals, CMS fully acknowledges that we cannot operate in a “way-we-have-always-done-it” manner and hope for different results. That is why CMS created the new role of CMS Chief Health Informatics Officer (CHIO) and has begun the process of filling this new role with a leading healthcare IT talent. The CHIO will drive health IT and data sharing to enhance healthcare delivery, improve health outcomes, drive down costs, and empower patients. Through this new function, CMS will effectively engage stakeholders from all parts of the healthcare market, including our Federal partners and industry leaders…” Read the full post here.

Source: CMS Doubling Down on Health IT; Patients – By Seema Verma, July 19, 2018. CMS Blog.

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