GAO: Actions Needed to Address Employee Misconduct Process and Systems at VA

“GAO analyzed 12 information systems across VA to assess the reliability of misconduct data, examined a stratified random sample of 544 misconduct cases from 2009 through 2015, analyzed data and reviewed cases pertaining to senior officials involved in misconduct, reviewed procedures pertaining to whistle-blower investigations, and examined a nongeneralizable sample of whistleblower disclosures from 2010 to 2014.”

“VA inconsistently adhered to its guidance for documentation retention when adjudicating misconduct allegations, based on GAO’s review…”

“VA did not consistently ensure that allegations of misconduct involving senior officials were reviewed according to investigative standards and these officials were held accountable…”

“Eight of the 14 data files we reviewed did not have key data elements that were defined within and across information systems. In other words, the data files contained entries that described similar information in different ways…”

“In 2 of the 15 cases where a point of contact was provided, the contact was also one of the accused in the allegation…”

“Our analysis did not confirm the reasons for disciplinary action or attrition involving any of the 129 employees who made nonanonymous disclosures to the OSC…” Read the full report here.

Source: Department of Veterans Affairs – Actions Needed to Address Employee Misconduct Process and Ensure Accountability – July 2018. GAO Report to Congressional Requesters.

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