– VA Secretary holds town hall to discuss accountability and customer service

“This department provides world-class medical services. And it is stunning to me that that story has not been told to the American people by leadership, by all of us. My only concern there, and I said it in public, is that we have to concentrate on getting our Veterans to that service. And in that regard, I will be working with the Office of Personnel Management, various HR offices both in this building and without, to make sure that those folks who are on the front line, those folks who are the first encounter that our Veterans have, are compensated well, they are trained well, and that we keep them there, so that the world class experience they get when they get inside the door is what they also receive before they get inside in the door.”

“You’ve all heard me talk about appeals modernization. We’ll work on that.”

“In terms of moving forward, I said at my hearing and was charged at my hearing with saying that there are no more excuses. There are certainly no more excuses from the leadership. We have been given…” Read the full blog post here.

Source: VA Secretary holds town hall to discuss accountability, customer service and other topics important to Veterans and VA employees alike – August 7, 2018.

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