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Who is FedHealthIT?

FedHealthInnovation & Technology (FedHealthIT) has become a trusted resource to senior Government and industry executives within the Federal Health community.

From our annual spotlight FedHealthIT Magazine, to the growing content on the FedHealthIT website, our hyper-local focus is honed in on the Federal Health community. We are focused on connecting Government and industry, on creating a platform for the sharing of insights and perspective, relevant news and information to help connect ideas and voices.

A consolidated news source for information related to Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Defense Health Agency, and other agencies involved with Federal Health, we provide comprehensive and timely news and insight to help you better understand future trends and to identify the missions, the challenges, and the opportunities you need to be aware of.

This includes agency specific Xtra pages help you hone in on the agency you are most focused on, providing better insight with less time and effort.

Have some news or a compelling story to share? Want to push the envelope or start a discussion? Contact us with your ideas so we can continue to create a great resource for the Federal Health Community!

What is FedHealthIT Magazine?

Exclusively focused on the Federal Health market, this print and digital publication delivers timely and relevant news, information, and insights to key Government and industry decision makers. The hyper-local and targeted approach ensures this biannual print publication reaches and – more importantly – is read by, senior executives from across the Federal Health Sector – Defense Health Agency, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Want to contact us?

Have a story to share with us? Comments/feedback? Connect with us at: [email protected]

About your Federal Health Innovation & Technology Team

Executive Vice President – Susan Sharer

The spirit and energy driving FedHealthIT, Susan applies her 20 years of success and achievement within the Federal Health and Federal Health Innovation & Technology environments to making connections within the Federal Health community. Attending and hosting industry events, interviewing the people driving change and innovation within the industry, and seeking insight from stakeholders on both sides of the table, she works to uncover the information and perspectives that will support collaboration and innovation.

Director of Operations – April Doster

An original member of the team, April has a breadth of experience and expertise that makes her the heart of FedHealthIT. Ensuring deliverables are met, keeping the team organized and healthy, she has formerly been known as Chief Cat Herder but in essence, simply knows most completely who needs to know what in order to get the work done. As the driving force behind our customer experience, she ensures stakeholders are cared for, that contributors are valued, and that the team stays focused on its mission of information delivery, and service, to the Federal Health community.

Managing Editor– Heather Seftel-Kirk

A writer for more than a decade, Heather helps hone the voice of FedHealthIT, helping to shape the information we share, working with collaborators and stakeholders to ensure they are delivering the message they intend and that it is the information our readers want to hear. A firm believer that every person has a story to tell and that every story is worth sharing, if told right, she also believes the written word carries power – to inform, to educate, and also to bring people together.

Editor-in-Chief – David Blackburn

Having spent the better part of two decades supporting the space, it was a natural fit for Dave to combine his combine a passion of community building with his interest in Federal Health and innovation. All about shining a spotlight on key bits of information to bring forward conversation and hopefully, engagement and innovation, he is also a contributing author for FedHealthIT Magazine, utilizing his status as a respected SME in the Federal Health IT contracting space to provide our readers with his take on current news affecting the Federal Health IT market.

Editor – Beth Scalzitti

Known for her love of the Oxford Comma, strong dislike of incorrect usage of the ellipsis, and addiction to large quantities of coffee, Beth Scalzitti strives for the highest quality of content for FedHealthIT. (We aren’t kidding about the ellipsis, for your own safety and well-being, don’t use six dots, even as a joke.)

Content Analyst – Jackie Gilbert

As our Content Analyst, Jackie plows through heaps of recent contract awards and keeps an eye out for key news, contracts, and people movement, in order to post the current news on all fronts, to keep our readers informed. Jackie also compiles the Contract Awards and Industry Move sections for each print magazine issues, as well as regular spotlight summary reports to help keep the community informed.

Danny West

Danny is our resident graphic designer and handles the print magazine layout; graphics on spec; infographics; and other creative works.





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