CMS Forecast Opportunities FY17

OAGM DivisonProject Title of ActionAnticipated Solicitation Release DateAnticipated Contract DurationEstimated Current FY $ RangeEstimated Value of Contract Base & All OptionsAction TypeExisting Contract # (if applicable)Existing Task or BPA Call # (if applicable)Acquistion MethodContract Type of Base AwardAssociated IDIQ/BPACurrent Contractor NameRequiring Office/Program Office POCRequiring Office/Program Office POC Contact - Telephone #
AGG - DSCAHC Model Evaluation06/01/20174 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveN/AN/AOTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEERMADAN/ACafardi, Susannah410-786-6971
AGG - DSCFAI Operations Support Contract03/03/20173 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>=$20M and < $50MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2011-00002IHHSM-500-T0004OTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEERMADANORCGavin, Lauren202-205-9270
AGG - DSCMobile Learning Technologies Base01/05/20172 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$2M and <$5MNew Contract - CompetitiveN/AN/A8(A)COST-PLUS, FIXED-FEENSTP FOR S&CPN/A
AGG - DSCSystems Improvements Support01/05/20171 YEAR>=$1M and <$2M>=$1M and <$2MGSA Order - CompetitiveN/AN/A8(A)TIME & MATERIALSN/AN/AWalton, Michelex63353
AGG - DSCNext Generation Survey Development & Analysis02/01/20173 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MIDIQ Order - Competitive8(A)FIRM FIXED-PRICENSTP FOR S&CP410-786-3524
AGG - DSCSurveying Organ Transplant Programs01/16/20175 YEARS<=25K>=$2M and <$5MNew Contract - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2012-00067CN/AOTHER THAN SMALLFIRM FIXED-PRICEHMS, Inc.Walton, Michelex63353
ASG - DPIFMC1/3 Financial AuditsTBDTBD>=$5M and <$10MTBDBPA Call - CompetitiveTBDTBD(410) 786-7631
ITCG - DMITSCQPP Conversion Tool for Submissions12/10/20162 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MBPA Call - CompetitiveN/AN/ASMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/AN/ABrowning, Jennifer
ITCG - DMITSCQPP Web Interface12/10/20162 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MBPA Call - CompetitiveN/AN/ASMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/AN/ABrowning, Jennifer
ITCG - DMITSCQPP Quality Score Calculation11/21/20162 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MBPA Call - CompetitiveN/AN/ASMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/AN/ABrowning, Jennifer
ITCG - DMITSCQPP Data Store11/21/20162 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MBPA Call - CompetitiveN/AN/ASMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/AN/ABrowning, Jennifer
ITCG - DMITSCQPP Claims to Quality/Cost11/21/20162 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MBPA Call - CompetitiveN/AN/ASMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/AN/ABrowning, Jennifer410-786-1129
ITCG - DMITSCPhysician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)01/20/20172 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$10M and <$20MBPA Call - CompetitiveSMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/AN/ACasselle, Sharmire V.410-786-2395
ASG - DMSCNational Implementation of ICH CAHPS Survey04/28/20173 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-10F-0097LHHSM-500-2012-00151GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSRTIDean-Whittaker, Debra410-786-0848
AGG - DBSCMedicare Advantage Part C Marketing, Surveillance, Compliance and Dual Elig05/01/20175 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$500K and < 1MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-23F-9755HHHSM-500-2012-00139GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/ABooz Allen HamiltonBolinger, Teri410-786-3592
ABSG - DAWSRegulations Consulting ServicesTBD1 YEAR>$25K and <$150K>$25K and <$150KPurchase Order - CompetitiveSMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEBigelow, Emily(410) 786-3998
MACG - DEMACGS-35F-0674T/HHSM-500-2012-00046G, WTC ACCTTBD5 YEARS>=$10M and <$20M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-35F-0674THHSM-500-2012-00046GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICENGSMosley, Darria410-786-6554
MACG - DWMACCommercial Recovery Center (CRC)02/01/2017> 5 YEARS>=$10M and <$20M>=$50M and <$100MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-23F-0019YHHSM-500-2012-00070GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICECGI Federal Inc.Hood, Daniel G.410-786-7517
ITCG - DMITSCSOCRATA Re-compete05/01/20175 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-35F-0598SHHSM-500-2014-00396GSMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEALAMO CITY ENGIN.Slavinsky, Gary410-786-8188
ASG - DMSCContinued National Implementation of Hospital CAHPS03/01/20173 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-10F-0166RHHSM-500-2014-00387GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSHSAGLehrman, William410-786-1037
ASG - DMSCImplementation of the MA and PDP CAHPS Survey04/03/20173 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-10F-0275PHHSM-500-2014-00399GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSRAND CorporationGaillot, Sarah410-786-4637
ITCG - DMITSCRe-Compete - Encounter Data Processing System03/09/20175 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>= $100MNew Contract - TBDHHSM-500-2007-00014IHHSM-500-T0005TBDCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEENorthrop GrummanBonfante, Maricruz410-786-5086
ABSG - DAWSTransportation ServicesTBD< 1 YEAR<=25K<=25KNew Contract - Sole SourceHHSM-500-2016-00023MSMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEA Platinum Plus LimoMiller, Deanna410-786-3254
ABSG - DAWSConsulting ServicesTBD1 YEAR>$25K and <$150KTBD8(A) Contract - Sole SourceTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEDickey, Dexter410-786-6856
ITCG - DMITSCDME CEDI Recompete02/13/20175 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$20M and < $50MNew Contract - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2013-00094CTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICENGSBowden, Brent410-786-8124
AGG - DBSCHispanic Health Insurance Exchange Public Education & Outreach02/01/20173 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$10M and <$20MGSA Order - Limited SourcesGS-07F-0406HHSM-500-2014-00416GSMALL BUS - TOTALTIME & MATERIALSN/AElevationAiken, Matthew410-786-1029
ITCG - DMITSCQuality Improvement Organization (QIO-DDST)11/18/20162 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$10M and <$20MGSA Order - CompetitiveN/AN/ASMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/AAustin, Kurt410-786-1681
AGG - DSCCareer Development and Coaching Support Services05/01/20175 YEARS>=$150K and <$500K>=$1M and <$2MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-10F-0019JHHSM-500-2012-00115GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEVantage Human ResourDiblasio, Tamsen410-786-4180
ASG - DMSCSB 2012-60G01/20/20173 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$10M and <$20MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2012-00060GHHSM-500-2012-00060GSMALL BUS - TOTALTIME & MATERIALSSBNugent, Mary410-786-8816
ASG - DPIFMCMedical Review Accuracy Contract04/01/20172 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$2M and <$5M8(A) Contract - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2015-00308CN/A8(A)FIRM FIXED-PRICEPRI
AGG - DSCAudit of Bids12/13/20165 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$2M and <$5MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS23F0025THHSM500201300267.TBDFIRM FIXED-PRICESusquehanna ActuariaLimmer, Kirk4107867956
AGG - DSCAudit of Bids12/13/20165 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$2M and <$5MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS23F8040HHHSM500201300265GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEHay GroupLimmer, Kirk4107867956
AGG - DSCAudit of Bids12/13/20165 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$2M and <$5MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS23F0164SHHSM500201300264GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEGranite DolphinLimmer, Kirk4107867956
AGG - DSCAudit of Bids12/13/20165 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$2M and <$5MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS23F0019XHHSM500201300263GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEBolton PartnersLimmer, Kirk4107867956
AGG - DBSCNational External Industry Outreach & Education-Implementation of HIPAA AS03/01/20175 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$20M and < $50MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2011-00026IHHSM-500-T0001OTHER THAN SMALLFIRM FIXED-PRICENECKetchumTopper, Rosali410-786-7260
ITCG - DMITSCRisk Adjustment and Payment Modeling and Validation04/28/20175 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-35F-4052GHHSM-500-2014-00446SMALL BUS - TOTALTBDFU AssociatesMcGill, Mary(410) 786-0844
MACG - DSMACPart C and Part D Payment Validation & Payment ErrorTBDTBD<=25K>=$2M and <$5MNew Contract - CompetitiveTBDTBDLennon, Gwendolyn410-786-7713
AGG - DBSCHealth Insurance Exchange Public Education and Outreach02/17/20172 YEARS>=$50M and <$100M>= $100MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2011-00029IHHSM-500-T0008OTHER THAN SMALLIDIQ ORDER DEPENDENTNECCMGRP-Weber ShandwicAiken, Matthew410-786-1029
ASG - DMSCOutpatient/Ambulatory Surgery Patient Experience of Care Survey11/15/20163 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-10F-0097LHHSM-500-2014-00426GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSN/ARTIIfedirah, Memuna410-786-9649
AGG - DBSCNational Training Program Training Support Recompete01/11/20175 YEARS>=$150K and <$500K>=$2M and <$5MBPA Call - CompetitiveGS-07F-0437WHHSM-500-2012-00039GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICESynergy EnterprisesHiggins, Deborah4107863764
ASG - DMSCRFQ# 170843-Financial Management Program Support11/18/20163 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$10M and <$20MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2014-00360GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSSRASchleit, Mary301-492-4194
ASG - DMSCRFQ#170841 Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (CO-OP) Program12/23/20163 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2012-00110GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSNavigantMcNeal, Chandax63089
ASG - DMSCRFQ#170838-Small Business Health Options Program03/10/20175 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2012-00127GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSKPMGKlein, Elliot4107860415
ASG - DMSCRFQ# 170836 Program Integrity & Financial Oversight01/27/20175 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$20M and < $50MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2012-00194GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSKPMGElrington, Keshanna410-786-5691
ASG - DMSCRFQ#170835 Plan Finder02/01/20175 YEARS>=$150K and <$500K>=$2M and <$5MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2012-00099GOTHER THAN SMALLFIRM FIXED-PRICEIMPAQHouser, Andrew301-492-4280
ASG - DMSCRFQ#170829 Issuer Oversight03/17/20173 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2012-00167GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSBooz Allen HamiltonWitherspoon, Tia410-786-2425
ASG - DMSCRFQ# 170827 Stakeholder Training02/24/20173 YEARS>=$10M and <$20M>=$20M and < $50MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2012-00127GSMALL BUS - TOTALTIME & MATERIALSARDXSchwartz, Kimberly410-786-2571
ASG - DMSCTORP 170823-Analysis of Medicare Part A Therapy Payment Model Alternatives02/24/20173 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$2M and <$5MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2011-00012IHHSM-500-T0006SMALL BUS - TOTALCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEESBRADAcumenKane, John410-786-0557
ASG - DPIFMCNew BPA for incurred cost proposal audits04/28/20175 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$2M and <$5MBPA - Competitive2012-00018B, 2012-00TBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/ACLA, Figliozzi, KearChuhran, Kathleen410-786-1581
ASG - DPIFMC2017-RFP-0022 UPIC Southwestern Procurement11/15/20165 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>= $100MIDIQ Order - Competitiven/an/aOTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS AWARD-FEEUPICn/aGraves-Dorsey, Reneex67142
ASG - DPIFMC2017-RFP-0044 UPIC Southeastern Procurement11/15/20165 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>= $100MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveN/AN/AOTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS AWARD-FEEUPICN/ARoache, Philip(410) 786-5133
ASG - DPIFMCMCO Calls/ Orders Option Yr. 2TBDTBD>=$1M and <$2M>=$10M and <$20MBPA Call - CompetitiveTBDTBDWilson, Kellie410-786-6827
ITCG - DMITSCFinancial Information and Vouchering System (FIVS)11/14/20164 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$5M and <$10MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2011-00016C8(A)COST-PLUS, FIXED-FEEActioNet Inc.410-786-3659
ASG - DMSCRFQ#170788 Medicare Advantage Program Research and Criteria Standardization02/24/20173 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$2M and <$5MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2014-00452GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSLewinDavis, Stacy(443) 764-4518
ASG - DMSCMITRE award - Report on the Medicare Part D Appeals Process11/03/2016< 1 YEAR>=$150K and <$500K>=$150K and <$500KIDIQ Order - Sole SourceN/AN/AOTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEECAHM & FFRDCN/AEdmondson, Coretta410-786-0512
AGG - DBSCHispanic Campaign Re-Compete03/03/20173 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$2M and <$5MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-07-135BAHHSM-500-2014-00410G8(A)TIME & MATERIALSECU CommunicationsAiken, Matthew410-786-1029
AGG - DBSCTTAG Re-Compete02/01/20175 YEARS>=$150K and <$500K>=$1M and <$2MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-07F-0132XHHSM-500-2012-00069GSMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICESeamon CorporationJohns, John4107867253
ASG - DMSCPart C QIC re-competition12/05/20165 YEARS>=$10M and <$20M>=$20M and < $50MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2004-00007IHHSM-500-T0010OTHER THAN SMALLFIRM FIXED-PRICEQICMAXIMUS Federal410-786-5692
ITCG - DISCMultidimensional Information and Data Analytics System (MIDAS)03/17/20175 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>= $100MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2007-00023IHHSM-500-T0001TBDCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEEESD - LARGEIDL Solutions-CACIColes, Alex410-786-0483
AGG - DBSCNew Contact Center Workforce - PeckhamTBD1 YEAR>=$1M and <$2M>=$1M and <$2MNew Contract - Sole SourceHHSM-500-2015-00264CTBDTBDDay, Julie A.410-786-6343
ASG - DMSCContinuing Education (CE) Support and MLN Product Development05/01/20173 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-02F-0089UHHSM-500-2012-00062GTBDTIME & MATERIALSPalmetto GBAYost, Andrea410-786-7423
ASG - DMSCL&M - HHSM-500-T0005 - Option 2TBDTBD>=$500K and < 1M>=$2M and <$5MBPA - CompetitiveTBDTBDIfedirah, Memuna410-786-9649
ASG - DMSCConduct Part D Formulary & Benefits Review06/01/20175 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-10F-0231THHSM-500-2012-00179GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEStrategic Health SolDombrowski, Robert410-786-5450
ASG - DMSCMHOS - HSAG - 2016-00039G - Option 1 FFPTBDTBD>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MBPA - CompetitiveTBDTBDDeMichele, Kim(410) 786-4286
ASG - DMSCConference Calls for CMS, Part C, and Part D Sponsors and Pharmaceutical Ma01/01/20175 YEARS>=$150K and <$500K>=$1M and <$2M8(A) Contract - Sole SourceHHSM-500-2012-00038CN/A8(A)COST-PLUS, FIXED-FEEN/AMSCGLissone, Joscelyn410-786-5116
ASG - DMSCImplementation of the Medicare PDP and MA Plan02/01/20173 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-10F-0275PHHSM-500-2014-00389GTBDTIME & MATERIALSRANDDeMichele, Kim(410) 786-4286
AGG - DSCValidation Protocol for Diabetes Self-Management Education TrainingTBDTBD>$25K and <$150KTBDBPA - CompetitiveTBDTBDGallaher, Caroline410-786-8705
ASG - DMSCNational Implementation of HHCAHPS Survey05/01/20173 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$5M and <$10MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-10F-0097LHHSM-500-2014-00447GTBDTIME & MATERIALSRTITeichman, Lori410-786-6684
ITCG - DMITSCCODIE Re-Compete07/10/20175 YEARS>=$150K and <$500K>=$10M and <$20MNew Contract - TBDHHSM-500-2012-00064C8(A)TIME & MATERIALSTechnical FrontiersCombs Miller, Kimberlee(410) 786-6707
AGG - DSCStrong Start IITBDTBD>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MBPA - CompetitiveTBDTBDCross-Barnet, Caitlin(410) 786-4912
AGG - DSCWarehouseTBDTBD>=$1M and <$2M>=$2M and <$5MBPA - CompetitiveTBDTBD410-786-6071
AGG - DSCNSTP IDIQ - Instructor SupportTBDTBD>=$1M and <$2M>=$5M and <$10MBPA - CompetitiveTBDTBD410-786-2018
ITCG - DISCRecompete -COBOL Programmers02/03/20175 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$5M and <$10MNew Contract - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2011-00021IHHSM-500-T00028(A)FIRM FIXED-PRICECORMACWelch, Sandra410-786-7392
ASG - DMSCTORP #170671- Medicare Advantage Care Coordination Measure Development03/03/20175 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$1M and <$2MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2011-00013IHHSM-500-T0012SMALL BUS - TOTALCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEESBRADIMPAQRadke, Susan410-786-4450
ASG - DMSCTORP #170667- OMEA Analytics & Reporting04/03/20174 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$500K and < 1MIDIQ Order - Sole SourceHHSM-500-2012-00008IHHSM-500-T00028OTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEECAHM & FFRDCMITREKane, David410-786-1193
ABSG - DAWSCISO Cyber Security Training ForumTBDTBD<=25K<=25K8(A) Contract - Sole SourceSMALL BUS - TOTALTBDCording, Kristina212-616-2367
AGG - DSCCMMI - Project Management11/30/20163 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$10M and <$20M8(A) Contract - Sole SourceTBDTIME & MATERIALSN/A410-786-0606
ITCG - DMITSCGeospatial Medicare Analysis Project (GMAP)01/06/20175 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MNew RequirementSMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICE410-786-7950
AGG - DSCTBDTBD>=$150K and <$500K>=$10M and <$20MBPA - Sole SourceTBDTBDRMADA410-786-8939
AGG - DSCNext Generation ACO Model Application Review SupportTBDTBD>=$150K and <$500K>=$150K and <$500KNew Contract - Sole SourceHHSM-500-2014-00040Ihhsm-500-t0001OTHER THAN SMALLCOST, NO FEEUniversity of ColRogal, Deborah4107869279
AGG - DBSCMedicare & You Handbook02/17/20173 YEARS>=$150K and <$500K>=$150K and <$500KGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-00F-0035MHHSM-500-2014-00362GSMALL BUS - TOTALTIME & MATERIALSMIND & MEDIA, INC.Stephen, Kristen410-786-1035
ASG - DMSCQuality Assurance Monitoring11/29/20163 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$2M and <$5M8(A) Contract - Sole SourceHHSM-500-2016-00037CN/A8(A)FIRM FIXED-PRICEHealth Frontiers JVRiesz, Charles410-786-8177
ITCG - DMITSCSmall Business Health Options Program (SHOP)03/27/20175 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>= $100MNew Contract - CompetitiveGS-35F-0674THHSM-500-2012-00189GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICENational Government301-492-4267
ITCG - DMITSCCSFES01/30/2017TBD>=$10M and <$20M>=$50M and <$100MNew Contract - CompetitiveGS-35F-0462VHHSM-500-2012-00079GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEPalmetto GBA
ASG - DMSCQIC E&O - Neil Hoosier and Associates11/07/20163 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$2M and <$5M8(A) Contract - Sole SourceHHSM-500-2012-00039CN/A8(A)FIRM FIXED-PRICEOptimal SolutionsHosna, Liz410-786-4993
ASG - DMSCMarketplace Complex Case Help Center (CCHC)04/01/20173 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$20M and < $50MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-10F-0579NHHSM-500-2016-00109GTBDTIME & MATERIALSCognosanteWagstaffe, Leslie(301) 492-4251
ASG - DMSCRFQ# 170576 RADV Audit Recompete03/17/20173 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$20M and < $50MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2014-00419GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSAcumenSchwartz, Kimberly410-786-2571
AGG - DSCPROM/CAHPS contract for CPC+;11/15/20165 YEARS>=$50M and <$100MTBDIDIQ Order - Competitiven/an/aOTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEERMADAn/ax62034
AGG - DSCPhysical Security System Customization12/15/20165 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$2M and <$5MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-35F-4997GHHSM-500-2012-00030GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/AICG Jacob & SundstroMassenburg, Denita410-786-1084
AGG - DSCNational Contract for Life Safety Code (LSC) Regional Office (RO) ComparatiTBDTBD>=$500K and < 1MTBDGSA Order - CompetitiveTBDTIME & MATERIALSMerrill, James J.x66998
AGG - DSCManagement and Technical Support Services Contract12/01/20165 YEARS>=$500K and < 1M>=$2M and <$5M8(A) Contract - Sole Source8(A)COST-PLUS, FIXED-FEE410-786-2730
ITCG - DMITSCGovDelivery12/01/20165 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$20M and < $50MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS-35F-0256KHHSM-500-2012-00038GTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEFedResults, IncWright, Ltanya410-786-0996
ITCG - DISCIntegrated Care Data and Applications11/09/2016< 1 YEAR>=$10M and <$20M>=$10M and <$20MIDIQ Order - Sole SourceHHSM-500-2007-00014IHHSM-500-T0006OTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS AWARD-FEEESD - LARGENorthrop Grumman InfColes, Alex410-786-0483
MACG - DWMACMarket Research for Updating Direct Practice Inputs02/01/20171 YEAR>=$150K and <$500K>=$150K and <$500KNew Contract - TBDN/AN/ATBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEN/AManlove, Noel410-786-5161
AGG - DSCAMH FFRDC Support Services to Establish the Health Care Payment Learning an01/05/20173 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$5M and <$10MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2012-00008IHHSM500-T0040OTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSN/AMITREOpenden, Yona410-786-1545
ITCG - DDCCPS&R STAR Recompete11/29/20165 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2007-00015IHHSM-500-T0013OTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEECGI FederalMcMasters, Raymond
AGG - DSCData Health RegistryTBDTBD>=$5M and <$10M>=$20M and < $50MGSA Order - CompetitiveTBDCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEEN/AKeenan, Andrew410-786-4794
ASG - DPIFMCRecompete RAC Part C & DTBDTBD<=25K<=25KNew Contract - CompetitiveTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICEBrown, Sonja J.410-786-3571
ITCG - DISCIntegrated Care Data and Applications Maintenance01/10/20175 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>= $100MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2007-00014IHHSM-500-T0006TBDCOST-PLUS AWARD-FEEESD - LARGENorthrop GrummanColes, Alex410-786-0483
ITCG - DISCIntegrated Data Repository O&M - Recompete01/06/20175 YEARS>=$5M and <$10M>=$50M and <$100MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2007-0016IHHSM-500-T0004TBDCOST-PLUS AWARD-FEEESD - LARGEHPEWright Jeffries, Michael410-786-0318
AGG - DSCNursing Home Quality Improvement ProjectsTBDTBD>=$5M and <$10M>=$5M and <$10MNew Contract - TBDTBDCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEELang, Celestinax64088
ITCG - DISCRIPD, EIDM and Portal01/06/20175 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>= $100MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2007-00024IHHSM-500-T0010OTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS AWARD-FEEESD - LARGEQSSINguyen, Phuc410-786-7577
AGG - DSCAccountable Health Communities (AHC) Model ImplementationTBDTBD>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveTBDCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEEJackson, Susan410‐786‐4937
AGG - DSCINSPIRE11/09/20163 YEARS>=$2M and <$5M>=$10M and <$20MGSA Order - CompetitiveGS02F0197XHHSM500201500479GTBDTIME & MATERIALSN/AORAUWillford-Skipworth, Erin4107860418
AGG - DSCBPCI Programmatic Compliance Audit02/05/20174 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$2M and <$5MIDIQ Order - Competitiven/an/aOTHER THAN SMALLFIRM FIXED-PRICERMADAn/a410-786-7105
AGG - DSCExecutive Coaching ServicesTBDTBD>=$500K and < 1MTBDGSA Order - CompetitiveTBDFIRM FIXED-PRICE4107864180
ASG - DQCDevelopment and Evaluation of Exchange Health Plan Quality Activities Contr01/15/20175 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>=$20M and < $50MGSA Order - CompetitiveTBDTIME & MATERIALSn/aHeggs, Nina410-786-1087
AGG - DSCFCHIP Audits11/14/20165 YEARS>=$150K and <$500K>=$1M and <$2MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveN/AN/ASMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICESBRADN/ASmith, Jeris60110
AGG - DSCBEI - DDS ImplementationTBDTBD>$25K and <$150K>=$500K and < 1MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveOTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEERMADA
AGG - DSCAHC - Model Implementation Contract (Monitoring, Implementation, Learning aTBDTBD>=$500K and < 1M>=$2M and <$5MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveOTHER THAN SMALLCOST-PLUS, FIXED-FEERMADA
ITCG - DMITSCIDOS - (CICDIM recompete)01/31/20175 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>= $100MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveHHSN316201200202WHHSM-500-00082U8(A)COST-PLUS, FIXED-FEEActioNetLarson, Alyssa410-786-1998
ITCG - DISCEmail Filtering ServiceTBDTBD>=$150K and <$500K>=$1M and <$2MIDIQ Order - CompetitiveSMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICECording, Kristina410-786-6364
ITCG - DISCData Services Hub (DSH)11/10/20165 YEARS>=$20M and < $50M>= $100MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2007-00024I500-T0007SMALL BUS - TOTALFIRM FIXED-PRICEESD - SMALL BUSINESSQSSINguyen, Phuc410-786-7577
ITCG - DDCCGS-03F-0312U/HHSM-500-2014-00347G - IBM ELA12/01/20165 years>=$50M and <$100M>= $100MNew Contract - CompetitiveGS-35F-0312UHHSM-500-2014-00347G8(A)FIRM FIXED-PRICEFour LLC.Poist, Nichole410-786-9372
ASG - DMSCRFQ#170445- Financial Mgmt Analysis11/25/20163 YEARS>=$1M and <$2M>=$2M and <$5MGSA Order - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2011-00124GOTHER THAN SMALLTIME & MATERIALSAcumenStanley, Daniella D.410-786-3723
MACG - DWMACWorker's Compensation Review Contractor11/14/20165 YEARS>=$10M and <$20M>=$50M and <$100M8(A) Contract - CompetitiveHHSM-500-2011-00052C8(A)FIRM FIXED-PRICEPRIJenkins, John410-786-3373