DHA Forecast Opportunities FY17

Contract TitleShort DescriptionDHA BranchAction TypeNeed by Date
AFMOA Reachback SupportThe government anticipates this requirement would be fulfilled with some mix of, but not limited to, the labor categories of a Medical Information Technology SME, an Information Services Reachback Support FTE, a Microsoft SharePoint Developer, and aOSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ2
Contract (AFMOA) MSIM SATX Warehouse Space FY13Provide local San Antonio warehousing and staging of information technology infrastructure materials along with preparation and global shipment service for warehoused IT materials which support just-in-time (JIT) modernization efforts on behalf of thOSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ2
IT Services Program Management SupportAFMSA/SG6I is responsible for managing IT-related projects for the enterprise. SG6I also oversees and coordinates the AF portion of the MHS standard applications and/or infrastructure projects.OSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ2
MHS Active DirectoryThe CSPs shall provide Systems Tier II and Tier III support services consisting of IT System Center Configuration Management (SCCM), Systems Security and Systems Administration support services for USAMITC to continue supporting the MHS JAD (formerly the MHS Forest - MHSF) and Enterprise Remote Access (ERA) network.OSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ2
Sustainment Information Technology Support MEM/NOS/PKI/WMSNiProvides IT support services to the DHA-HIT at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, including engineering, system architecture and sustainment, and validation services and providing Systems Tier III support services.OSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ3
Medical Enterprise Service DeskTask 1 Medical Cell Systems Engineering, Task 2 Medical Cell Support Operations, Task 3 Medical Cell Tier III MTF Support, Task 4 AFMOA INOSC Support, Task 5 AFMOA Program Management Support, Task 6 AFMOA Strategic PlanningOSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ3
DaaS Support ContractThis program execution expertise is to support the SPAWAR Clinical Infrastructure Modernization (CIM) effort. SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic is responsible for providing technical and non-technical expertiseOSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
Ports, Protocols and Services ManagementProvide information and data required to register systems in the MHS Enclave Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), assist with design changes in communications and computer infrastructure (C&CI) and network protection (NP) systems in advance of new PPS requirements or system deployment, and support MHS program offices with PPSM during AIS development.OSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
MED-COI Project ManagementProvides project management and technical service support to I&O for the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) life cycle management of the MHS effort to implement Med-COI, a single logical medical enclaveOSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
AF Medical Systems Test Bed BridgeResearch, test and evaluation assessments of various medical items that may have a life or death impact on U.S. Service Members. This will be performed in support of the mission of the Air Force Medical Evaluation Support Activity (AFMESA). Such asseOSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
Enterprise Management Section (EMS) Operations and Sustainment SupportProvides 24x7 qualified Tier 2 and Tier 3 level services personnel to the Enterprise Management Section to perform sustainment operations to the MHS JAD, legacy network enterprises, and DHA environments.OSB/LCMCLOSEQ4
MS Premier Support NSSProvide DHA NSS access to Microsoft Premier Support services including Technical Account Manager hoursand Problem Resolution Support hours. NSS will contact Microsoft for assistance with issues that relate to Microsoft products.OSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
INOSC Liaisons FY15infrastructure sustainment, systems engineering support, securitymanagement services, and AFMS Enclave project management services in support of theAF/SGR Office of the Assistant Surgeon General Modernization DirectorateThe effort will be transitioneOSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) Deployment and Sustainment SupportNon-Personal Services: Provide qualified personnel to support the ACAS solution. The contractor shall provide personnel with skill sets necessary to configure, manage, test, troubleshoot and deploy software and patches, system administration, particiOSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS)This is a non-personal services contract to provide Information Technology Support Services to the US Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.OSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
USAMITC Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) SupportCCC. Enduring Non Personal Services Contract to provide IM/IT Support to over 92,000 user CONUS and OCNUS in a 24/7 x 365 environments. Provides skilled with required technical expertise and knowledge to provide technical support to the US Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC) ESD for the US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) enterprise.OSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
Contract (SPAWAR) Enterprise Service Operation CenterTo provide broad spectrum systems engineering, information assurance, and system management expertise to execute and meet requirements of NMED. In compliance with technical architecture guidance from international, commercial, Department of Defense,OSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
Network Engineers and SpecialistsNetwork sustainment and deployment support services to the Military Health System (MHS) Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) both inside and outside the continental United States (CONUS and OCONUS).OSB/LCMRe-CompeteQ4
Global Service CenterProvides 24/7/365 state-of-the-art management of the DHA Global Service Center, infrastructure performance optimization, and transformationOSB/LCMPossible RecompeteQ4