The Winter 2018 issue includes a number of exclusive articles, such as:
  • Introducing the FedHealthIT100 Winners!
  • The Emerging Case for and Opportunity Behind Population Health with Philips
  • Six Technology Firms Driving The Federal Health Sector in 2018
  • A Conversation with Dr. Neil Evans with Veterans Affairs: Moving Towards Healthcare for Tomorrow
  • Top 7 Things You Should Know to Join a T4NG Team
  • Notable Fed Health IT Contracts Awarded in 2017
  • Game On – It is All About Execution for the Federal Health Sector in 2018
  • A Conversation with Dr. Lauren Thompson: Enhancing Health Data Interoperability
  • Federal Health Execs on the move in 2017
  • VA Telehealth: What Goes Anywhere-to-Anywhere
  • Key Events for 2018 That You Don’t Want to Miss
  • And Many More…

Thank you to the many G2X members who contributed to this issue: Cathy McGrane, Mike Farahbakhshian, Jeffrey Shen, Jared Shepard, Marc B. Marlin, the team at Govini; and the G2X Team.

And, thank you to the industry and government leaders who interviewed with us for this issue, including: Dr. Neil Evans, Dr. Lauren Thompson, Nick Padula, Ron Sullivan, Adam Clater, Robert Wickham, Doug Averill, Chris Aherne, and Kevin Davis. We appreciate your time in sharing insights and perspective with our team.

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