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“With the Veteran’s Affairs initiative to transition their electronic health records system from the current VistA program to a new system implemented by health IT company Cerner, officials hope to both make the agency interoperable with the Department of Defense’s system and to kickstart their data center consolidation efforts.”

“I think that data center consolidation really needs to go hand-in-hand with this migration to the commercial Cerner product. That’s where there’s a real opportunity to save a lot of money in the data center area…”

“Though the VA’s IT initiatives as a whole received a B+ on the most recent Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecard…the agency received a failing grade in data center consolidation.”

“According to John Windom, program executive for electronic health records modernization at the VA, the Cerner system has a data management hosting system called “Healthy Intent,” which the agency plans to move data into and is similar to the DoD solution…”

Source: Two birds, one stone: VA’s EHR to address interoperability and data centers – By Jessie Bur, December 9, 2017, Federal Times. Read the full article here.



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