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Inspector General at Veterans Affairs (VA) Michael Missal had previously told reporters he hoped to quickly repair the office’s image. “After years of criticism for cursory investigations and lack of leadership, Missal appears to be turning things around…”

“Most recently, Missal’s office presented its final FY2017 audit for an agency that had a budget of more than $180 billion. The report found six material weaknesses at VA…”

“First and foremost was the startling figure of $2.8 trillion. That’s what VA reported as its liability for compensation and burial benefits… Another was VA’s community care obligations, those programs where VA gets healthcare outside the VA system with providers. They spent about $10 billion on the program last year…”

“…Finally, the audit revealed many of VA’s legacy IT security controls were obsolete. While he said there have been improvements from the 2016 audit, Missal acknowledges “VA still has a lot of work to do.”…

Source: VA’s IG settling in, cracking down on fraud and mismanagement – By Terry Wing, January 19, 2018. Federal News Radio. Read the full article here.



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