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“2017 was quite busy for AHRQ in the area of helping researchers, policymakers, clinicians, and patients better understand and battle against the opioid epidemic. We wholeheartedly accepted the challenge from President Trump to find ways to stem the rampant misuse of opioids…”

“AHRQ’s investments last year were aimed squarely at utilizing the Agency’s strengths. First, we conducted data analyses to better understand the opioid epidemic, particularly its impact on hospitals. Second, we funded research to generate new knowledge about potential strategies to attack the epidemic…”

“A few more specifics illustrate our contributions…AHRQ provides researchers and policymakers with data that help track the use and costs of outpatient prescription opioids…”

Source: AHRQ Intensifies the Battle Against Opioid Misuse in 2017, Commits to More Progress in 2018 – By Gopal Khanna, January 8, 2018. AHRQ. Read the full blog here.



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