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“Electronic health record system vendor Epic won’t protest a plan by the Coast Guard to adopt a Department of Defense system based on rival Cerner, an Epic source told FCW.”

“The Coast Guard is making the move after a botched effort to implement Epic software cost the agency about $60 million and left them without an electronic records system.”

“Epic laid some of the blame on Leidos in a fact sheet published last May, noting that the system’s storage area network was first corrupted and then accidentally wiped during the implementation process…”

“On April 9, the Defense Healthcare Management Systems program office announced that the Coast Guard would be joining MHS Genesis, the $4.3 billion Cerner-based electronic health records system being deployed by the Department of Defense. Leidos is the lead contractor and integrator on the effort.”

“The news was accompanied by a notice to industry requesting comment on a planned modification to the DOD health records contract to incorporate the Coast Guard …”

“The contract modification and an estimate of additional costs will be spelled out in a “justification and approval” document set to be released in about three weeks, according to a DOD spokesperson. The comment period is designed in part for anyone who feels slighted by the deal to register a protest…” Read the full article here.

Source: Epic won’t protest Coast Guard move to Cerner – By Adam Mazmanian, April 11, 2018. FCW.



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