GCN: VA explores blockchain for contract close-outs

“From supply chain to digital identity, blockchain technology has the potential to change how government agencies conduct business. The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Strategic Acquisition Center is the latest agency to express an interest in testing the still-nascent technology to determine suitability.”

“SAC issued a June 7 request for information (RFI) to conduct a proof on concept using blockchain technology for the contract close-out process. This procedure generally involves gathering data from different government sources and contractors to verify that required work has been completed, proper payments have been made and there are no outstanding claims or other matters to resolve.”

“Since the entire process is repetitive, the SAC wants to see how blockchain and automation could be used to reduce the resources invested in the contract close-out process. The RFI envisions a three-part process…”

“Responses to the VA RFI are due on July 31…” Read the full article here.

Source: VA explores blockchain for contract close-outs – By Sara Friedman, June 11, 2018. GCN.



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