Skylight and Ad Hoc score VA API Platform Micropurchase awards, Skylight to host VA Prioritization Workshop

Last week VA awarded two micropurchases — Ad Hoc was selected for the award of the API Outreach Microconsulting effort and Skylight Digital was awarded the API Landscape Analysis and Near-term Roadmap Microconsulting effort.

Who are the two winners?

Founded by members of the former “tech surge” team, awardee, Ad Hoc, burst onto the scene a couple years ago, and they have picked up several high-profile wins to date, to include a $40M+ Prime award on VA’s, a $57.2M Website Development Support (WDS) contract at CMS, and a Prime award on a multiple-award Agile BPA at CMS.

The second awardee, Skylight Digital, is a relatively new HUBZone small business founded in part by 18F and the Technology Transformation Service co-founder, Chris Cairns.

We should note – Skylight is hosting a workshop next week on “Veterans Data Needs Prioritization”- Details here. All are welcome.



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