FDA issues solicitation for CTP MATLAB Technical Services in Scientific Computing

MATLAB is a high-level scientific computing programming language and interactive environment used by scientists for the development and implementation of modeling and simulation in a wide range of modeling frameworks. MATLAB is currently used across all centers within FDA for a wide range of scientific computing applications.

CTP developed the full architecture of version 2.0.6 of the Athena GUI (Athena)using MATLAB OOP. Athena is used by CTP statistics branch to run hypothetical scenarios associated with tobacco research and regulatory activities.

CTP needs to be able to run the Athena GUI model in a HPC environment in order to obtain the

information from the model quicker than using a normal computing environment. CTP also requires further enhancements of the Athena GUI model in order to successfully fulfill CTP’s mission.

To meet the objective of this contract, the Contractor shall provide the following support to enhance the current Athena 2.0.6 GUI for population modeling for CTP Office of Science’s Statistics Branch: IT-Project Management Support; Technical Programming Support…

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