NIH NLM issues RFI for Advanced Augmented Analytics Product

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of the Director (OD), Office of Extramural Research (OER), Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS) is seeking potential sources, current capabilities, best practice information and cost estimates for the identification, testing and selection of an Advanced Augmented Analytics platform.

As defined by Gartner, an Augmented Analytics platform is an advanced analytics system that includes natural language query, search and narration capabilities; automated data preparation; easy to use, interactive advanced analytics; and visual based data discovery capabilities. The NIH/OER, Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS), is seeking to identify, test and select a platform in order to provide, easy to use, advanced analytic capabilities to the NIH extramural program, review and evaluation staff.

The NIH/OER/ORIS, is requesting information from offerors that:

  1. Propose an advanced, easy to use, augmented analytics platform, which conforms to NIST security requirements for moderately sensitive data.
  2. Allows the NIH to implement the offered platform in 3 phases:
    1. Up to 300 internal NIH users in Phase 1
    2. Up to 6000 internal registered NIH users in Phase 2
    3. Up to 100,000 public, anonymous users in Phase 3…

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