VA awards sole source contract for Optum Software Tools

The VA has awarded a contract to Optum Government Solutions, Inc. dba Ingenix, to provide an existing, commercial, off-the-shelf, standalone web-based application tool for three (3) Optum software tools:  Optum Medical Reference Engine, Optum Encoder Pro eSolutions with the CDI Module, and the DRG Grouper Calculator, which will be made available throughout the VHA healthcare system. The scope of work is defined as the following:

  1. The contractor shall provide login accounts for thirteen (13) individual login accounts for the Optum Medical Reference Engine, five (5) individual login accounts the Optum Encoder Pro eSolution with the CDI add-on module, and (3) three individual login accounts the DRG Grouper Calculator. The software shall be a web-based tool that can be accessed via a log-in assigned to the user
  2. The contractor shall provide the designated number of user accounts allowing authorized remote users with VPN access have access to the product.

It has been determined that Optum Government Solutions is the only source able to provide this requirement.

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