VA issues sources sought for Veteran Experience Data Curation Solution

VA is seeking interested vendors that are capable of providing a Veteran Experience Data Curation Managed Services Solution for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a managed service.

The solution shall extract and curate the data from contact center systems that operate across the full lifecycle of Veteran contact with the VA (from contact through contact resolution), to enable VA to perform advanced customer experience analytics (AI, machine learning, predictive, real time analytics, etc.), and enables identification of opportunities for improvement such as automation that includes AI, predictive, real time analytics…

To enable insights into the journey, VEO is seeking the following technology business solutions to enable the automation of contact center data curation:

  1. Data management strategy to capture and rationalize the vast amount of data that will be generated from multiple Veteran contact center interactions (calls, email, mail, on-line, chat, surveys, etc.);
  2. Methods and mechanisms to link all interactions to a single journey;
  3. Application of AI and Machine learning approaches to discover customer patterns, predict or anticipate customer needs and augment customers and agent tasks;
  4. Use AI based robotic process automation (RPA) to eliminate manual tasks from the customer and agents’ journey…

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