Dell: How Veteran Affairs is Tapping into AI

“… The VA is currently looking for an AI as a service (AIaaS) solution — off-the-shelf and cloud-based — with features such as natural language processing (NLP) so that people can make requests and hold discussions with the AI technology (much like a chatbot). Leaders at the VA also want the AIaaS system to evaluate the words of users to detect their emotional state and respond accordingly. Once the AI system is trained and put into production, the VA said, it can use machine learning to expand and improve upon its own capabilities over time.”

“AI Emerges in Veteran Healthcare

Yet the AIaaS solution won’t be the agency’s first brush with AI. The VA has already partnered with London-based Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind to explore how machine learning can help predict patient deteriorations. Together, the VA and DeepMind will analyze patterns from over 700,000 historical, depersonalized medical records to determine if machine learning algorithms can accurately identify the risk factors of patient deteriorations and predict their onset.”

“Dominic King, clinical lead at DeepMind Health, emphasized that the data used in the partnership research has been stripped of any identity before DeepMind receives it — an important feature for the VA after a recent privacy concern.”

“Last year, the VA terminated an agreement with the San Francisco-based startup…” Read the full article here.

Source: How Veteran Affairs is Tapping into AI – By Pragati Verma, November 5, 2018. Dell.

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