VA issues RFI for Ethics Consultation Web Maintenance Recompete

The objective of this project is to maintain the existing Ethics Consultation Web (ECWeb) software that is accessed by more than 2,200 users across all VA health care facilities.  The current system enables ethics consultants at the national and local level to monitor their ethics consultations, adhere to guidance about best practices for performing ethics consultations, and generate various types of reports.  The servers that host ECWeb applications are currently maintained by VA Enterprise Web Infrastructure Support (EWIS) and they are physically located at Martinsburg, WV. Both the ECWeb production and development servers are hosted by EWIS. The ECWeb system has been in use by NCEHC since 2001 and all Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities since 2007.

The Contractor shall maintain the ECWeb application. The maintenance and support shall consist of maintaining, troubleshooting and correcting problems associated with the ECWeb software and database.  In addition, the Contractor shall make updates to the ECWeb application code and database to improve system security.

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