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FedHealthIT interviews this year cut across NIH, VA, DoD, CMS, HHS and DHA, as well as industry and shed light on partnership opportunities; positive disruption; the way forward; and advice for moving the mission of Healthcare forward. Check out the 10 most read interviews here.

Andrea Norris, NIH on Partnership Opportunities and the Future

This interview with Andrea Norris, Director of the Center for Information Technology (CIT) and Chief Information Officer of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), focuses on insights on changes and direction within NIH, on partnering with the Agency, and future opportunities.

Supporting VA and DoD Leading the Positive Disruption Healthcare Needs

Jim Traficant, Managing Director, Federal Health, Accenture Federal Services, shares his insight on the positive disruption occurring in Healthcare today: How it is fueled by the Federal Government and private sector; how the two will come together; and what must be at the heart of innovation.

The Way Forward with Traumatic Brain Injury with DoD and DVBIC

FedHealthIT Vice President, Susan Sharer’s interview with Katherine Helmick, the Acting National Director of the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC), focuses on the organization’s mission, advancements made around diagnosis, treatment and care, the opportunity that still exists, and the future of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Dr. Paul Tibbits on FMBT’s development at VA

Dr. Tibbits, Program Executive Officer for the Financial Management Business Transformation (FMBT) Special Program Office at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), shares his insight on FMBT’s development at VA.

Four minutes with former CMS Deputy CIO, Henry Chao

This interview with former CMS lead Henry Chao, who spent more than a decade with the Agency as Deputy CIO and Deputy Director, Office of Information Services; as the CTO; the Deputy Group Director, Information Systems Design and Development Group, Office of Information Svcs; and as the Systems Implementation manager, Medicare Advantage and Part D, Office of Information Services focuses on his recent book, who it speaks to, and the bigger message.

Advice for Government and industry partners with Lieutenant General James B. Peake

Speaking with Lieutenant General James B. Peake, who has had a distinguished career that began at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and led to 38 years in the military in roles from cardiothoracic surgeon to U.S. Army Surgeon General and, later, as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, FedHealthIT EVP Susan Sharer, gathers this advice for Government, industry, and for new partners looking to get involved.

Positive Disruption Requires a New Lens with Patty Horoho

Recently, FedHealthIT’s Executive Vice President, Susan Sharer, had the opportunity to speak with Patty Horoho. Currently CEO at OptumServe, Optum’s Federal Health services business unit, Patty is a 30+ year U.S. Army Veteran and served as the 43rd Army Surgeon General and Commanding General, U.S. Army Medical Command, she speaks about the positive disruption created during her tenure there and how that disruption needs to continue to move forward.

Connected Care: An Interview with VA’s Dr. Neil Evans

In June, President Donald Trump officially signed the VA MISSION Act, more formally known as the VA Maintaining Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act, or the Caring for Our Veterans Act of 2018. Recently, FedHealthIT’s Executive Vice President, Susan Sharer, had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Neil Evans, Veterans Health Administration Chief Officer for Connected Care, about telemedicine, how it is paving the way as a positive disruption in Healthcare delivery, and the challenges that remain.

The Quadruple Aim of Health Care Transformation with Dr. Barclay Butler

Just days ahead of the October 1 roll out of DHA’s new Military Health System (MHS) multi-year plan, FedHealthIT’s Executive Vice President Susan Sharer spoke with Dr. Barclay Butler, the interim Assistant Director for Health Care Administration (AD HCA) in the DHA, about DHA’s Quadruple Aim of increased readiness, better health, better care, at lower costs.

Helping Solve for the Last Mile of Clinical Interoperability

Recently, FedHealthIT’s Executive Vice President, Susan Sharer, had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Roma, CEO of Ciox, and Mitch Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Government Solutions at Ciox, to discuss the challenges and the opportunities for solving for the last mile of interoperability.



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