CDC issues RFI for Vehicle Telematics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has a requirement for approximately 300 vehicle monitoring systems, support items, and related services to track, monitor, and report the operation of owned and leased vehicles for CDC. These Government Owned Vehicles are located primarily in Atlanta, Ga metro area, and Pittsburg, PA.


  • The vendor must understand the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and be able to obtain an Authority to Operate (ATO) through the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process.
  • The contractor will provide a proven comprehensive integrated video based solution that includes but not limited to a complete, managed services, a project manager, with quarterly program reviews and a reporting structure that delivers analytics and trends that drive priorities and results.
  • The contractor will have the ability to provide advanced safety scores.
  • The device must have multi-input safety triggering, speed, top speed and posted roadway speed, hard brake, rapid acceleration, bump, and turn.
  • The device must capture and record an event triggered by a force on the vehicle that exceeds preset user-defined settings…

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