‘Good things are happening’ as DoD continues to roll out MHS GENESIS

“Adopting a new electronic health record, also known as an EHR, across a large, geographically diverse enterprise is no easy task. To meet the change management needs for this critical effort, the Defense Health Agency has established the Office of the Chief Health Informatics Officer. OCHIO will collaborate with a community of health care clinicians, health information technology experts, and testers to help users of this health information management system seamlessly transition to new technologies and processes.”

“MHS GENESIS is the single, integrated medical and dental EHR. Scheduled to be systematically fielded at all military hospitals and clinics by 2024, initial testing phases of MHS GENESIS are now complete. The Military Health System is addressing challenges and issues as it prepares for the first wave of deployment next fall, said Air Force Maj. Gen. Lee E. Payne, who is dual-hatted as the Defense Health Agency Assistant Director for Combat Support and MHS EHR Functional Champion…”

“Payne said that as challenges at the IOC sites became evident, OCHIO prioritized the issues and incidents, addressing more than one-third of cases (tickets) so far. The functional community continues to discuss how to better measure and communicate findings with the field, and checks in with end users for feedback once the issues are resolved, he assured.”

“Feedback and tickets are helping us improve the system and improve the usability,” said Payne. “It’s really focused on the end users and how they use the system, so it’s great information for us. It’s a roadmap for us to get better.” It also has the potential to be helpful for the Department of Veterans Affairs as it moves forward with its EHR modernization effort utilizing the same record as DoD.” Read the full article here.

Source: ‘Good things are happening’ as DoD continues to roll out MHS GENESIS – January 8, 2019.

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