HHS issues RFP for Intelligent Automation/Artificial Intelligence (IAAI) solutions, services and products IDIQ

In this acquisition, PSC seeks to establish a contract vehicle that enables PSC Contracting Officers to order for HHS, or on behalf of other agencies, to quickly develop, procure and adopt innovative technical solutions across the full spectrum of technology types: Disruptive, Breakthrough, Incremental and Sustaining.

Examples of major IAAI fields or disciplines include, but are not limited to:

  1. AUTOMATION: What makes a system or process function automatically? One example of automation includes robotics process automation (RPA) can be programmed to perform high-volume, repeatable tasks that humans normally perform. On the other hand, IT automation can often adapt to changing circumstances.
  2. MACHINE LEARNING: Machine learning is the science of getting a computer to act without programming. This includes deep learning which is a subset of machine learning that, in very simple terms, can be thought of as the automation of predictive analytics.
  3. SUPERVISED LEARNING: Data sets are labeled so that patterns can be detected and used to label new data sets.
  4. MACHINE VISION: Machine vision is the science of allowing computers to see. This technology captures and analyzes visual information using a camera, analog-to-digital conversion and signal processing.

Under this contract, Contractor(s) shall support federal agency piloting, testing and implementation of advanced technologies include, but are not limited to, intelligent automation/artificial intelligence (e.g. blockchain/distributive ledger technology (DLT), microservices, machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, etc.) that are able to transform business processes and enhance mission delivery in the Federal Government. Individual task orders may require support in one or more advanced technologies.

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