NIH issues sources sought for Biomedical Computing Support Services

The goal of this acquisition is to identify biomedical computing in support of, but not limited to, the ongoing epidemiology and genetic research programs, conducted in the Branches and Laboratories in DCEG which include domestic and international studies with diverse study designs in epidemiology and genetics research including prospective cohort studies, case-control studies, family studies, and randomized clinical trials. These studies span several geographic areas (potentially in any continent), are of varying size and complexity, and include dense, high-dimensional data on exposures, endpoints, clinical information, and biomarkers from molecular technologies.

The Contractor shall:

  1. Coordinate and integrate all Task Order activities including staffing decisions, prioritizing support for projects, and managing and monitoring any subcontracts.
  2. Hire, as required, staff with appropriate expertise to address the requirements as defined in each Task Order.
  3. Provide support, as required, in a manner that assigns expertise to the requested task and does not assign individuals to specific studies or the Branches…

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