VA issues RFI for new task for Product Development 508 Compliance

The VA Chief Information Officer (CIO) has mandated that all ICT shall meet Section 508 compliance.  VA requires independent validation of ICT against Section 508 compliance standards. This Task Order (TO) will be used to verify that the projects used, maintained, or developed by VA meets those requirements.  These requirements are validated by independent testing done by the Section 508 Program Office Test Engineers.

The Contractor shall comply with the following documents, in addition to the documents in Paragraph 2.0 in the T4NG Basic Performance Work Statement (PWS), in the performance of this effort.

The Contractor shall conduct, document, and report manual audits of VA ICT Products. The Contractor shall demonstrate manual audit results. The Contractor shall maintain and report conformance metrics. The Contractor shall perform and report trend analysis identifying problems, improvements and best practices as an important aspect of improving accessibility within VA. The Contractor shall provide Section 508 technical support. The Contractor shall provide specific and ad-hoc training.

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