VA OIT RFI: Telecom Analysis and Optimization

VA OIT is seeking to analyze/audit and inventory its current telecom products and services, and identify and assist in implementation of cost saving solutions. This analysis will help determine whether VA is receiving value for its telecom expenditures and determine if additional cost efficiencies can be gained. VA intends on selecting five pilot sites located at Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Gainesville, Florida; Daytona, Florida; and Raleigh, North Carolina for this effort to be performed.

To achieve cost efficiencies and help maximize the value of the Agency’s contract spending, VA intends to pay the Contractor a percent of the realized savings generated from the contracted effort. This effort would resemble the following, or similar, framework: The Contractor will have 30 days to conduct a site inventory audit (e.g. validate current active circuits, ensure updated site and system documentation, and ensure all circuits are monitored) and analyze the telecom products and services per site; baseline the telecom cost per facility; and provide actionable cost saving recommendations to VA…

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