FDA RFI: IT Program and Project Management to support EPLC

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA), Office of Acquisitions and Grants Services (OAGS), is conducting market research for dynamic IT program and project management support services to facilitate all phases of the IT Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC).

FDA-IPS support includes: strategic planning, concept development and project initiation, configuration design and functional area analysis, program and systems analysis and modeling, quality assurance, service-oriented architecture, audit activities as well as mentoring and program and project coordination support, senior and junior level assistance with the daily management of their projects including administrative assistive and process tools, documentation, and privacy implementation. These services are required by the OIM, FDA Centers and operational units.

The FDA has many Centers and Offices with different needs and different project support expertise. In addition, the goal is that the contractors, or staff that support each project, ensure standard processes are known, followed, documented and supported. To this goal, the Information Technology Program and Project Management Support Services (FDA-IPS) IDIQ will provide a structure to the Contractor to maintain consistency for the variety of needs for IT Program and Project Management.

The contractor shall provide IT program and project support services that will ensure program and project managers have the support for:

  • the information readily at hand to control the daily management of their programs and projects
  • subject matter expertise in mentoring, education and project coordination support
  • requirements gathering
  • concept development of a new requirement…

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