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G2Xchange Health had the opportunity to connect recently with Jason Windsor, current Defense Health Agency Program Manager for EHR-Core in the Solutions Delivery Division (J-6) about his transition and next steps later this summer after more than 26 years with the US Army and now DHA.

What do You See are the Next Steps in Your Career?

I have been able to give focused thought to the process of retiring and how/where I foresee my next career will be in the commercial sector (Health IT and/or Federal space). I’ve considered what I might like to do and how I could contribute for my next employer. With my clinical, Health IT, leadership, Acquisition, and PM background, I am leaning towards a position as a Clinical SME, Business Operations, and in support of Business Development efforts.

What Types of Clinical SME and Business Operations Roles Interest You?

As a Clinical SME, I can be an evangelist for a company that has a product or service they want to sell into commercial and/or Federal Health agencies. Given my experience as a clinician advocate, understanding the inner workings of an EHR deployment, as well as the O&M and optimization of a legacy system, I understand how to bridge the information gap between agencies or commercial entities and can help navigate political waters.

As far as Operations, I have worn nearly every hat on a project team. I can serve as a Program Lead, similar to my current role where I have several current contracts – with multiple option years under me. I have extensive leadership experience, tested both in facilities and the deployed environments, as well as time as the EHR Core Program Manager for the world’s largest EHR. I understand operations; everything from hiring and firing to running Lean and Agile sprint teams to meet Congressional deadlines.

How does Business Development Fit in?

I believe every employee should have at least one eye toward Business Development and potential opportunities for their employer. I could look at agency forecasts, dig in on who are the right people to talk to about the program health, and provide historical knowledge of programs. I could even be the point as an Acquisition Exec, to help a team look in the mirror about their strategy. Of course, this could easily combine within the previous two roles as well.

Any Other Areas of Interest?

With any position, I would personally like to continue as a leader, to coach, teach, and mentor junior staff, as well as share with and learn from colleagues.

I would love to fill a role that could serve a combination of all the roles we have discussed. Serving in a Chief Medical Information Officer type of position is of interest as it would tie together much of my background, my Clinical specialist license, Clinical and Health IT Board certifications, PM experience, plus decades of leadership and experience gained.

You can learn more about his experience here.

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