EHR Intelligence: Trump 2020 Budget Request Includes $1.6B for VA EHR Modernization

“The Trump Administration has requested $1.6 billion to fund the VA EHR modernization project in 2020…”

“In addition, the Budget requests $87.6 billion in advance appropriations for VA medical care programs in 2021 to ensure the Department has sufficient resources to continue providing the premier services that veterans have earned,” wrote the administration.”

“The request also includes new legislative authorities and $123.1 billion in mandatory budget authority, including $129.5 billion in 2021 advance appropriations for other critical veteran and survivor benefits,” the administration continued.”

“In addition to the VA EHR modernization effort, the budget provides $4.3 billion for investments in the federal agency’s health IT infrastructure. These investments will help to improve online interfaces between VA and DoD…” Read the full article here.

Source: Trump 2020 Budget Request Includes $1.6B for VA EHR Modernization – By Kate Monica, March 12, 2019. EHR Intelligence.

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