Federal Times: Trump budget puts IT funding center stage

“The White House may be looking to significantly cut federal spending, but IT investments are one of the few areas that could see increases under the Trump administration’s proposal for 2020.”

“While the majority of federal agencies would face cuts to their annual budgets in the coming years, technology projects were not only placed front-and-center, but also allocated additional funding…”

“The Trump budget would also kickstart the creation of a U.S. Federal Data Service within the Department of Commerce to help support a forthcoming Federal Data Strategy…”

“As part of the Internal Revenue Service’s $11.5 billion in base funding, the agency would be expected to devote a portion to modernization efforts for some of its most outdated IT systems.”

“The Department of Veterans Affairs also received $4.3 billion to modernize its legacy IT systems, with $1.6 billion specifically designated for the agency’s electronic health records effort.”

“In the same vein, agencies such as…” Read the full article here.

Source: Trump budget puts IT funding center stage – By Jessie Bur, March 12, 2019. Federal Times.

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