An Enigmatologist is loosely defined as someone involved in the science of puzzles and that is the role G2X’s Event specialist Amanda Schrauben plays for the G2X communities as she searches for, tracks and works to piece together the events that matter most to our readers.

How is Your Time Spent?

On a daily basis, I scan regular event sources looking for new events and opportunities for our members. Beyond the usual sites, I also conduct searches looking for off the beaten path kinds of events that our members may not easily find on their own.

Twice a week, I check in on events we are already following to see if there have been any changes or updates so our members have the latest information. These updates appear as I find them on our sites and are part of a weekly event update report I share so people have a snapshot of what they may have missed.

What Makes an Event Worth Your Attention?

An event can be worthwhile by our standards if it has an interesting topic or a speaker we know our community is interested in. We pay attention to events that are specific to a single agency, as well as those that involve many agencies as they can give attendees more ‘bang for the buck.’

What Does it Take to be You?

To do this role well you need both patience and organization to stay on top of priorities, be flexible to change and be able to wait and watch for that change that may or may not happen. This industry is very dynamic and I have learned a lot but know there is still a lot more for me to learn.

This is where the puzzle solving comes in. Whenever people ask about the hats I wear, being busy, and seemingly being “everywhere” I tell them it’s like working with a puzzle. The complete picture is there and it all fits together but it’s a matter of moving the pieces around to make them all fit. Sometimes it takes twisting and turning of those pieces but they all complete the picture in the end.

Is There Anything you Want the Community to Know?

I always encourage feedback from members, from those involved with events… Although twice a week I touch existing events, if someone reaches out to let me know about an update, I can have it on our site within 24 hours. If there are speakers I missed or an event I may have overlooked, I welcome that feedback.

As a mother to two children, aged six and eight, I am active volunteering in their schools and being out and about with them sharing experiences. We are much more about the experience than things so whether it is hiking, playing with Lego or taking in a local high school play, we are often doing things.

I am also a writer and co-owner of a local online news source for my community through which we track businesses, individuals, municipal issues, and of course, events, to keep the community informed.





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