Interview: ONC’s Health Tech Reform lead on Emerging Tech to ease Health Provider Burden

“Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Technology Reform Dr. John Fleming was an early adopter of a digital health record system in the mid-1990s. He discusses the importance of digital technology in the future of health IT and proposed rule-making that would advance it.”

“What are your priorities at ONC?

My area of leadership is in clinician burden — the relief of clinician burden.

Studies have shown that doctors — really all providers, nurse practitioners, all of them — spend as much as half of their clinical time banging on the electronic health record, chasing down all sorts of data and stuff that need to go into the computer. That really suppresses their productivity, and it also takes time and attention away from their patients.

So, what has happened is we have had documentation and other sort of practices that go back a century that we’re still trying to apply to the digital space. So our job is to try to…”

Watch the interview here.

Source: ONC’s John Fleming on Emerging Tech for Reducing Health Provider Burden – March 8, 2019. GovernmentCIO.

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