NIH issues presolicitation for NIAID Evaluation Services

The NIAID needs a contractor to assist with supporting the evaluation functions of the Strategic Planning and Evaluation Branch (SPEB) of the NIAID. SPEB provides institutional leadership for systematic, trans-NIAID strategic planning, evaluation, and policy analysis to support and advance NIAID’s mission. NIAID conducts a myriad of evaluations, including feasibility and evaluation design studies, needs assessments, process evaluations, and outcome and impact evaluations.

The Contractor will work cooperatively with NIAID staff in a multidisciplinary team setting to design and implement evaluation projects for NIAID’s scientific research and management programs and provide support for evaluation related activities.

Evaluation projects at NIAID often include feasibility studies, needs assessments, process evaluations, outcome and impact evaluations, and related evaluation support and training for NIAID staff. The descriptions of the task areas that follow offer examples of the types of support that have been required in the past and should be anticipated for the future.

  1. Evaluation Project Logistics & Planning

The contractor shall provide personnel with the qualifications and experience needed to plan an evaluation project proposal. The contractor shall attend up to 3 meetings to generate a draft logic model, matrix, and analysis plan. As applicable for each individual project, this will include working in a team setting with the NIAID staff

  1. Evaluation Design

Contractor provides staff trained in program evaluation directly related to biomedical and behavioral science research programs and management programs to assess the needs of evaluation stakeholders and incorporate these needs into the evaluation design…

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