NIH NIDA RFA: Mobile Technologies Extending Reach of Primary Care for Substance-Use-Disorders

This Funding Opportunity Announcement seeks grant applications to develop and test a prototype mobile/tablet technology-based application suitable for U.S. primary care settings, to serve as a low-cost user-friendly tool that primary care providers (PCPs) may use to deliver timely tailored feedback to patients following up on interventions for risky substance use. The feedback delivered should make sure patients engage in appropriate self-monitoring and self-management skills in adherence to treatment plans delivered during interventions for problematic substance use. Patients’ answers should inform delivery of tailored feedback (matching level of problematic substance-use risk as determined by validated screening and assessment tools) supporting health-promotion behaviors, such as helping patients adhere to evidence-based motivational interviewing or other behavioral therapy principles. The application also should track health action items completed, such as linkage to indicated follow-up treatment. It should be designed with a specific aim of improving coordination and delivery of indicated services to primary care patients at risk of developing substance use disorders (SUD).

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