VA RFI: Electronic Capital Planning & Investment Control (eCPIC) Support

The eCPIC tool is a web-based, Government-Owned Technology System (GOTS) application designed to help agencies automate the select, control and evaluate portions of the IT CPIC process.

The Contractor shall support the Office of Programming & Budget Formulation’s (ITPBF) activities associated with administering its instance of eCPIC and the submission of the Exhibit 300As, Exhibit 53 and SIR via the eCPIC tool. To provide this support, the Contractor shall generate the Ex300A(s), Ex53 and SIR from VA user inputs for each program. The Contractor shall then submit the Ex300A(s), Ex53 and SIR for each program to the Federal IT Dashboard upon approval from the Director of Programming and Budget Formulation.

The Contractor shall also provide support to the eCPIC or OMB IT Dashboard Help Desks to resolve submission errors or any system issues that requires external resolution.

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