VA RFI: NBNetEx Data Transport Software

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Infrastructure Operations (IO) has a requirement for commercially available data transfer protocol software, associated maintenance, and technical support. The data transfer protocol software shall allow encrypted data transfer communication between the existing International Business Machine (IBM) Z Series Operating System (z/OS) and the Bull Groupe General Comprehensive Operating System (GCOS). The data transfer protocol software will be utilized for Bulk File & Print data transfers between the IBM z/OS mainframe at the Austin Information Technology Center (AITC) and the Bull GCOS mainframe at the Hines Information Technology Center (HITC). The Disaster Recovery site is in the Philadelphia Information Technology Center (PITC). The data transport will utilize Linux servers to encrypt and decrypt the data on behalf of the Bull GCOS mainframe. Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) relies on the data transfer protocol functionality to support the Benefits Delivery Network (BDN) Payment System.

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