Breaking Defense: The Army’s Plan to Save the Wounded in Future War

“The high-tech chaos of future battlefields will make it much harder to save wounded soldiers, the Army Chief of Staff warned Congress this week. Evacuating them will require not only new high-speed medevac aircraft and tank-like armored ambulances, Gen. Mark Milley said, but also a radical reorganization of the Army’s medical corps to bring care as close as possible to the front line…”

“It turns out it’s confusing because two things are happening at once, Gen. Milley and Army Secretary Mark Esper explained:

There’s a military-wide reorganization — mandated by Congress — that’s consolidating Army, Air Force, and Navy/Marine medical services into a single Defense Health Agency system to provide more cost- efficient healthcare for troops and their families back in the US.

But there’s also an Army-specific reorganization intended to free up doctors, nurses, and other medical specialists from hospital duties in the US so they can train and deploy with frontline combat units…” Read the full article here.

Source: The Army’s Plan To Save The Wounded In Future War – By Sydney Freedberg, April 12, 2019. Breaking Defense.

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